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Funds For Good spawned from the ideas of 3 socially engaged entrepreneurs who decided to combine their passion for their job with their human values. The company’s main goal is to maximize profits in order to pay out 50% of the profits (with a minimum of 10% of the income) to a social project Funds For Good Impact in which all company members invest 25% of their time. The activities allowing Funds For Good Invest to generate income consist in distributing quality investment funds and investments in funds generating a substantial social impact through financial intermediaries (banks, insurance brokers). The social project aims at tackling inequalities and poverty by helping unemployed people to integrate in a sustainable way through entrepreneurship. This means we are using the same system to fight its abuses.

Forum Ethibel certifies the respect of our donation process, which is also incorporated into our company statuses.


Funds For Good Invest pays 50% of its profits (with a minimum of 10% of its income) to social projects supported by the company, without negatively affecting the investment performance.

The money available from these donations serves to grant subordinated debt (interest-free loans) to unemployed people allowing them to create self-employment. Once these loans are reimbursed, they will be reused to help other unemployed people.



Once upon a time, says the legend, there was a huge forest fire. All animals were terrified and helplessly watched the ongoing disaster. But the small hummingbird was the only one who reacted and collected some drops of water to sprinkle on the fire. After a while, the armadillo started getting irritated by this ridiculous agitation. “Hummingbird,” he said, “Are you out of your mind? You won’t extinguish the fire with just some drops of water!” But the hummingbird replied: “I know, but I am just doing my part. If everybody started bringing some water, we could very well extinguish this fire”.


  • Nicolas Crochet
    Nicolas Crochet co-CEO
  • Michel Bertrand
    Michel Bertrand COO
  • Maxime Desaive
    Maxime Desaive Business Development
  • Tom Beirnaert
    Tom Beirnaert Business Development
  • Patrick Somerhausen
    Patrick Somerhausen co-CEO
  • Anaïs Pauwels
    Anaïs Pauwels Head of Impact
  • Emilie Smet
    Emilie Smet Marketing
  • Mathilde Lebrun
    Mathilde Lebrun Marketing

We are supported by a team of professionals: economists, academics, bosses or ex-bosses of the financial world, entrepreneurs.


  • Pierre-Olivier Beckers – President

    Ex-CEO Delhaize Group and President of the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee

  • Dominique Eeman – non-executive Director

    Ex-CFO Recticel and Vandemoortele

  • Jean-François Schock – non-executive Director

    More than 30 years of experience in the financial sector
    Ex-president of State Street Bank and State Street Global Advisors Europe

  • Nicolas Crochet – Member

    Co-founder of Funds For Good s.a.

  • Patrick Somerhausen – Member

    Co-founder of Funds For Good s.a.

  • Marc Verhaeren – Member

    Co-founder of Funds For Good s.a.


  • Karine Beckers – Presidente

  • Jean-Claude Ettinger – Member

    Professor emeritus Solvay Business School
    Founder Solvay Entrepreneur
    President of Cap Innove

  • Baudouin van der Straten – Member

    30 years of experience in the field of distribution
    Ex-vice president Delhaize Group

  • Lucas Willemyns – Member

    30 years of experience in the banking sector
    Visiting professor HEPL (Liège)
    Ex-Head of Fortis France, CSR BNP Paribas Fortis

  • Dominique Eeman – Member

    Ex-CFO Recticel and Vandemoortele

  • Ludwig Forrest – Member

    Representative of the King Baudouin Foundation