FUNDS FOR GOOD is a new kind of company based on a model of reasoned capitalism: FUNDS FOR GOOD IMPACT, active in the financing and support of social entrepreneurs or those in precarious situations, is financed by FUNDS FOR GOOD INVEST, creator of sustainable investment funds, which returns the profits it generates through this activity. This is the choice of the founders of FUNDS FOR GOOD who believe that profit is a means of carrying out a project that goes far beyond the aim of enrichment of the shareholders of the company. The entire FUNDS FOR GOOD a team bring meaning to its business model and to the investments of its clients… by creating social and local impact.


In our two activities, we are convinced that companies must be vehicles for the change that we need. On one hand, large companies through their governance and their social responsibility policy, but also and above all, small companies which will offer disruptive models to help resolve our social and environmental challenges.



FUNDS FOR GOOD INVEST has created a diversified range of high-quality, socially responsible funds, available through traditional distribution networks (banks, insurance companies). In order to ensure investors the best possible return and an irreproachable quality of management, FUNDS FOR GOOD INVEST has built partnerships with some of the most reputable management firms in the market, which wished to contribute to the development of their social activities. These companies give concrete form to their commitment by managing the funds of FUNDS FOR GOOD, while integrating our Responsible Investments Policy, which has received the Belgian “Towards Sustainability” label. All without additional cost or loss of return for the investor.

The products of FUNDS FOR GOOD offer profitability and costs that are comparable to those of the best funds on the market.


FUNDS FOR GOOD IMPACT helps entrepreneurs who are full of energy and ideas but who lack financial resources to develop entrepreneurial projects. In particular, FUNDS FOR GOOD IMPACT helps entrepreneurs who are in precarious employment situations or who have a project with a social or environmental dimension.

It grants them equity loans called « loans of honour ». These are at 0% interest, subordinated and have a grace period for repayment in order to give the entrepreneur time to develop his business. These loans of honour allow entrepreneurs to have access to additional financing (micro-credit, traditional credit, equity, etc.). To do this, FUNDS FOR GOOD IMPACT works with many partners active in micro-finance, crowd-funding and the financing of social entrepreneurship. FUNDS FOR GOOD IMPACT also offers free support from volunteer coaches and experts.

Social entrepreneurship aims to maximize the social or ecological value of an economic activity. The aim is to respond to a societal issue or to provide value of general interest through the creation of a business.


According to the legend, there was a huge forest fire. All the animals, terrified, watched the disaster helplessly. Only the little hummingbird was bustling about, fetching a few drops of water with its beak to throw them on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculous agitation, said to him: “Hummingbird, are you crazy? You won’t put out the fire with these drops of water!”
And the hummingbird answered him: “I know, but I’m doing my part. And if we all get on with it, we’ll put out the fire.”

The ambition of FUNDS FOR GOOD is to offer a new kind of business model. We demonstrate that it’s possible to develop a sustainable and professional economic activity while allocating half of your profits to solving a major social problem.

Convinced that the paradigm shift must also emerge from the private sector, as a company, we are doing our part.